‘My Favourite …’ – Week 066

Benny Gold - Graphic designer


This week my favourite is the talented Graphic designer Mr Benny Gold. Check out his work and new store here! enjoy…peace out!

Tim Plumb


This week my favourite is the living legend that is Tim Plumb. What a guy. Check out what shenanigans this simple country boy has been up to here: http://www.thewayoutwest.co.uk

Super Mario


It’s been a bit difficult this week choosing a weekly favourite as I’ve had quite a good week. I’ve had the honour of being asked to be a Godfather for a close friend, seen a website I designed for Park House Weddings go live but in keeping with the team Movember challenge I’ve gone with a childhood tash hero of mine, Mario. People may think that the longevity of his appeal as the most famous character in video game history comes from his super abilities but really it’s all about his facial hair, afterall just imagine Mario without his tash.

Alex Epstein from The Apprentice


My favourite thing this week came whilst watching The Apprentice. Alex ‘I think outside the box’ Epstein came out with this priceless quote. He obviously got fired, not for this quote, for being rubbish. For long periods in this series I’ve been wondering if The Apprentice has got mixed up with The Office. Needless to say, it’s great TV, just be glad none of the candidates want to come and work for you!

About huwdavid

Huw David Design is an independent design consultancy working with clients of all shapes and sizes on print, branding and digital media projects. We consider ourselves to be creative problem solvers, providing lateral thinking with practical results.

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